ALBUM: Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead or Alive Zip

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead or Alive Zip Download

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead or Alive Zip Download

Layzie Bone released an Album called “Wanted Dead or Alive” which was aimed at creating a tantalizing alliance that stirred up the internet riots, coupled with melodic strings, bass drums and vocals to fans at large.

After Teasing of Fans On Social Media By Glancing At FEW Tracks With Everyone Anticipating To Listen To The ALBUM: Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead or Alive. These ALBUM and lots of songs are available for easy downloads and streams in mp3 format.

Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead or Alive Full ALBUM Tracklist

01. Layzie Bone – Intro
02. Layzie Bone – Dead or Alive feat. Willy Ray
03. Layzie Bone – Back 2 Life
04. Layzie Bone – Killer Instinct feat. Krayzie Bone & Flesh-N-Bone
05. Layzie Bone – Dead Man Walking feat. Cyrano ESQ, Maybach Dice & Paul Zero
06. Layzie Bone – Resolution
07. Layzie Bone – Game Time feat. Flesh-N-Bone & Dame Dolla
08. Layzie Bone – Got What You Want feat. Stew Deez, Ken Dawg & Ebony Burks
09. Layzie Bone – The Plug feat. Maybach Dice
10. Layzie Bone – It’s Alright feat. Cyrano ESQ
11. Layzie Bone – Amazing feat. Stevon Howse, Steven Howse Jr, Trinity Howse & Jeremy Howse
12. Layzie Bone – Holla When You See Me feat. Gram Owayz & Pozition
13. Layzie Bone – Heat Check feat. Stew Deez & Jeremy Howse
14. Layzie Bone – Insomnia feat. HC the Chemist
15. Layzie Bone – Stay Real feat. HC the Chemist
16. Layzie Bone – Stir It Up feat. HC the Chemist & Maybach Dice
17. Layzie Bone – I Like to Smoke feat. Stew Deez & Ken Dawg
18. Layzie Bone – Been Thru It All feat. Stew Deez, Maybach Dice & Pozition
19. Layzie Bone – Gone in a Week feat. Ken Dawg


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