DJ Drama – The Art of Storytellin’ Part 4

DJ Drama - The Art of Storytellin’ Part 4  Mp3 Download

DJ Drama – The Art of Storytellin’ Part 4  Mp3 Download

This is the forty-fifth anniversary of Andre 3000’s. What better way to celebrate than some of the old “Storytellin”.

Today is the forty-fifth anniversary of André 3000’s birthday and it is the perfect time to celebrate one of the greatest singers of all time. Although goat conversations are usually exaggerated in nature, few people deserve praise, such as “Triple Stack“, one of the most creative, cunning and creative writers in the game – to the point that good scriptures are often worth listening to. Just hold every message you put. Although its catalog certainly contains classic records, it should consider modern records. Well, we recently passed the OutKast standard.

In 2007, ATLiens collaborated with DJ Drama and Marsha Ambrosious to form Chapter 4 “The Art of Stories”. It is foreseeable that Big Boi and Andre both provided impeccable verses, while the latter snatched the show by vividly depicting a night in life. Andre is full of observation and casual irony, and his plain views on life make him a lovely protagonist of followers, and you will be deeply ingrained by his humility-that is unlimited satisfaction of love.

By now, you know that his words are unbeatable, and he spells them the same way. “Call a woman, come in
Sit down and hear that you need some dangling sausages, “he said cheerfully, let us wonder how he managed to pull them down. However-this quality is 3000 deposit. Happy birthday!



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